The eggs at Covent Garden Market

Easter is the time for eggs and my favourite is theĀ Faberge Egg Hunt. This year it was sponsored by Lindt and instead of having a full hunt like last year, the eggs were taken to different cities to be showcased. They have arrived back in London until the 7th of April and most of them are situated in the Covent Garden Market area. There are about 101 eggs and if someone would receive a years worth of chocolate for family and friends. I didn’t do it for the chocolate. (I’m on a 30 day challenge where i cannot eat chocolate or sweets…) I did it because i love the art which is on the eggs. You’ll see from the pictures which i took, there were a lot of eggs and i don’t think i found all 101 but i did find Humpty šŸ™‚



British museum -artefact land

I took a trip down to the British Museum, mainly because I was bored and I really wanted to take pictures. There were a lot of people when I got there and even when I left, there were still a lot of people. I found most of the things interesting but bit shocking , here are my favourite pictures from that day.














Brick lane…’s all about street art

Brick lane is in the heart of Shoreditch and is well known for street art. I had to go there for myself and once i got there I finally saw what everyone has been going on about. Just as i got to brick lane this painting which is on the corner of the wall.


I kept walking but before I even got anywhere, across the road there was an entire painting that covered the wall. Unfortunately i could not get it into one shot so try and imagine them as one picture…



This one is my favourite. I like how it is so high up, i would have missed it


After that i just kept walking and I saw these amazing pieces of art. Enjoy