Battersea Power Station


Battersea Power station is one of London’s iconic landmarks and is now being converted into apartments. Imagine having a house there


A History Lesson

So it had been a while since I had taken my camera out and take some pictures. I went to the Natural History Museum and I must say I did have an interesting history lesson.

The moment you walk into the museum, you are met by this beautiful artefact(or remake of artefact) of dinosaur bones….

The entrance from the first floor

The entrance from the first floor

Right across, is the father of evolutionary biology, Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

The architecture I must say is breath taking, from the moment I got there, to the moment I left I kept saying wow…

From what I saw, I thought the most amazing artefact was the Giant Sequoia.It’s the biggest living thing, and it is huge. Not only that but it is also embedded within the architecture.

Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia


Richard Owen  was the first director of the museum and is also famous for being the person who named dinosaurs. I did see a lot of them, unfortunately my camera’s battery had run out( I know right, if you are going to go out taking pictures at least charge the camera ) I did get some shots of the different exhibitions which they have with my iPhone. The lighting in the area though was not perfect so some of them don’t look amazing.





IMG_0062 IMG_1864



I kept walking in the building and I saw a mammals exhibit. Who hasn’t seen the big blue whale…here is a life size( I think) replica of it. It literally filled the entire room.

I wanted to see more, but all my devices had run out of battery. So I’ve left the other levels for other days. I did enjoy my time there and I will be visiting there again soon.

Bridges – The small ones

Seems like I like bridges. Whenever I see a bridge I think about where it goes. I think about the metaphorical bridges in our lives, the ones we have to cross in order to progress in life. To me they show an adventure, a life on the other side.
These are some bridges I have found in London. They are small, doesn’t mean that they are inconsequential. They all lead to another place 😀. Maybe soon(when the weather settles) I’ll go out and take pictures of the bigger bridges. Until next time.