A visit to the M&M store in London

It was a nice, almost spring day and my sister and I decided to go to central London. This was when we took pictures of the eggs but we had so much time on our hands so we decided to go into Leicester Square. She loves sweets and when she noticed the M&M store i knew we had to go in there.

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Portobello Market

A little while ago i went out to Portobello Market and took some pictures. The first time I went there it was getting dark but this time i made sure to get there in the afternoon. It’s a very nice place, here are some pictures which i took. I hope that you like them and if you come to London that you are inspired to go over there and visit some of the market stalls..


The eggs at Covent Garden Market

Easter is the time for eggs and my favourite is the Faberge Egg Hunt. This year it was sponsored by Lindt and instead of having a full hunt like last year, the eggs were taken to different cities to be showcased. They have arrived back in London until the 7th of April and most of them are situated in the Covent Garden Market area. There are about 101 eggs and if someone would receive a years worth of chocolate for family and friends. I didn’t do it for the chocolate. (I’m on a 30 day challenge where i cannot eat chocolate or sweets…) I did it because i love the art which is on the eggs. You’ll see from the pictures which i took, there were a lot of eggs and i don’t think i found all 101 but i did find Humpty 🙂


Edinburgh and the mountains (or hills)

I just spent 2 days in the beautiful capital of Scotland, Edinburgh and I enjoyed every single minute of it. It was cold, since spring has decided to desert us and then again the United Kingdom is predominately cold.

I love the way Scotland promotes it’s heritage and encourages people to view the scenery and enjoy what Scotland has to offer. We went to three main places, mainly because they were close to us. If we had more time i’m sure we would have viewed more places.

Whilst we were driving there, we used the A68 which enabled us to see parts of Northumberland National Park. The scene there is beautiful. We stopped there to take some pictures.


Then the next day we went over to Edinburgh Castle. The way it’s been built, on a mountain, just made me think, wow it’s still standing there. It’s very very beautiful, the way nature can be integrated into architecture.


There were also some great views from the castle of the city.


We continued driving around and we got to Holyrood Park. This was my favourite place in the city. The hills were beautiful and right there in the middle of the city.




We went over to the Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre where you could see a ship which was docked and catch a glimpse of the sea.


On our way back, we decided to use the A1. We discovered, Dunbar which has access to the North sea and i thought it was one of the most breathtaking sandy beaches I had been to.




Overall I enjoyed the entire trip and I might be seeing Edinburgh again in the near future. 🙂