Battersea Power Station


Battersea Power station is one of London’s iconic landmarks and is now being converted into apartments. Imagine having a house there


Bridges – The small ones

Seems like I like bridges. Whenever I see a bridge I think about where it goes. I think about the metaphorical bridges in our lives, the ones we have to cross in order to progress in life. To me they show an adventure, a life on the other side.
These are some bridges I have found in London. They are small, doesn’t mean that they are inconsequential. They all lead to another place 😀. Maybe soon(when the weather settles) I’ll go out and take pictures of the bigger bridges. Until next time.







St Pauls Cathedral…a London landmark

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful work of architecture i have ever seen. The first time I saw it I thought wow, that’s nice and this was when i was looking at it from the Millennium Bridge. Recently I decided to go closer and see the building even closer. I was wowed. Although I found it a bit controversial that there was a theme park being set up just close to the cathedral. Next time i go there, i will pay a visit inside.

View from the Millennium bridge



Another view of the Cathedral, further down the bridge




An angel, on one of the fountains


John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church